Vivre Group (Pty) Ltd. have been conducting R&D into both Liquid fertilizer technology and alternative renewable soft chemical inputs since June 1999.

We have research and reviewed eco-technology from around the world and identified several new approaches to crop nutrition, soil fertility management and soft chemical application.

As a company we are committed to investing heavily into R&D and are working towards offering a new and innovative range of sustainable and renewable nutrition and crop protection products in the years ahead.

Our policy involves communicating our research findings through our dedicated dealer team to the market place.

Vivre Group (Pty) Ltd. aim to understand your whole farm system and long term objectives including past fertilizer and other growing practices, soil health and current environmental conditions that may impact the crop performance.

Vivre Group (Pty) Ltd. experienced team can assist you in recognizing the role that our Liquid fertilizers can play in you program and the various parameters that can affect the efficiency and performance of your crops.

Working with soil and tissue data from accredited laboratories, as well as ensuring hands on approach with in-field appraisal and discussion with growers and their support network, provides a basis for informed recommendations.

A better appreciation of crop nutrient demand at particular growth stages of the crop ensures the plant will receive the nutrients it requires in the correct ratios to maximize plant uptake efficiency and final yield.